Portrait of Dieter Winkler

Portrait of Dieter Winkler

ONCE UPON A TIME ……there was a young boy whose parents thought it was very important for him to be a good little boy, to please everyone and to later take the “safe” career path of being a civil servant. It didn’t really work. Instead, there was a constantly growing inner rebellion upon my part. I really just didn’t want to become a civil servant!

Muhammad Ali, alias Cassius Clay, whose personality I – as a youth – found to be rather charismatic, gave my inner attitude a wonderful expression when he once said (at least it was credited to him):

I do not want you guys to tell me how I am supposed to be.
I have the freedom to be whoever I would like to be”.

Thus, I believe that to be my inner motivation for, after studying mathematics at the university and 10 years of industrial experience in the IT industry, becoming self-employed relatively early. Standing on the threshold, I took my first steps towards independence with difficulty and uncertainty. But I was (and am still today) darn vigorous. I have learned to not shy away from anxiety; it is not a flaw or a weakness. It possesses great intelligence and power. Today, I embrace my life experience.

Big leaps and upheavals were in my professional vocabulary back then; the technical logic interested me less and less. What “occurred” between people (cooperating in a professional context) and what psycho-logic “lurked behind it” – that was what really appealed to me and what I found captivating to experience. Many training and continuing educational steps on this terrain resulted from this fascination. In this regard, I learned that it is important to see and understand the human being in his context. In order to do this, curiosity and empathy are needed – skills which my parents also gave me through my upbringing.

Now, I had to still learn to maintain a professional distance in order to be able to also act as a Coach and a Trainer in a role-appropriate manner. Finally, there is always the risk of entering into a symbiotic relationship with one’s clients which does not help the client and does not continue to develop him. I like to support people to become self-reflective and to rediscover and develop the potential that lies within them. In so doing, I am respectful, but not afraid to push the client outside his comfort zone. This has been an exciting and fulfilling task for me for more than 25 years whereby I have worked on large projects and management training mandates on a wide array of themes and in diverse hierarchies throughout Europe.

15 years ago, I met Hans Habegger; sort of like an alter ego. Two years ago, we took the decision to found a company, to work together, and to jointly restart once again.

At age 60, one can still have dreams – or something like that...

Have I mentioned that I speak Spanish fluently?

Spain is something like a second homeland to me and was the center of our lives for my family for many years. I already discovered my love for this country at age 24.

Red wine, tapas, magnificent landscapes (hosted own photo exhibitions), vibrancy and constant communication. In addition, in the South, an almost Impressionist light which fascinates and moves me.

Oh yes and something else ….

What I have not accomplished: A conversation with Romy Schneider about life.