Portrait mc²

“Why are you still doing this at over age 60?”

This is what a client actually asked a couple of weeks ago.

“But you could just comfortably enjoy the fruits of your experience and gradually leave this business. You have already accomplished enough.”

Had we already thought about leaving the business? No. And thereafter? No again!

Isn’t it enjoyable to cooperate with people, to support them, to encourage, to help them to find their way in difficult situations? Or having the desire to dare to try something new, to begin again from anew and develop it? And sharing the fun with each other of doing this?

Probably all of the above.

Each of us was already very experienced and successful in the personnel development segment for many years. We met at an institute as colleagues, conceived and implemented major projects collectively – including internationally.

We reciprocally and repeatedly confirm this to each other in collegial feedback while maintaining respectful and humorous, self-ironic interaction with each other.

Concerning content, despite all differing opinions/experience, we always reach a consensus and a goal-oriented agreement. After all, we had both already been “lone warriors”, “old hands at training” for many years who could have easily entered into a competition of “having to prove something to each other – I can do it/know it better than you”. Never ever.

Two years ago, the joint recognition: We combine our respective 30 years of experience and want to be uncomfortable together. At more than 60 years old. Both of us. In a company which was to be newly formed whose name we were now seeking.

The target group of medium-sized companies [Mittelstand] in conjunction with “consult” as the cornerstones of the company name were quickly found. And our “potentia” is our comprehensive experience.

Result: mc² mittelstand consult

Because we consider ourselves to be Effectiveness Developers, the word “effectiveness” also had to be included somehow. And that caused us in one of our many brainstorming meetings to consider Einstein’s Formula:


We, as the two company founders, simply had to turn the formula on its head – thus,
mc² = effectiveness was created.

Later, the claim followed: The formula of effectiveness.

And the result:

the formula of effectiveness


Did we need courage for this new step? No. Only the great desire to bundle experience, tackle difficult projects, support people at companies to become even more successful and thus satisfied….. .. We already had that above. The sequential order isn’t so important in this case.

Thus, back to our roots: Always daring to try something new. Making decisions on our own. Utilizing flexibilities. Offering and implementing experience.

We – two “old geezers” - nonetheless never forget one thing: The generous portion of (self-ironic) humor produced from two “lifelines” with many curves.